Saturday, September 21, 2019

Happy 25th to the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award!!

“The Baldrige Award Program is still one of the best in the entire maelstrom of awards.  There’s the Nobel Prize, the Oscars, and all that, but the Baldrige Aware is right up there! It’s inspiring. It’s exciting. It makes us proud.”

-Letitia Baldrige, etiquette expert, former chief of staff for Jacqueline Kennedy, and sister of Malcolm Baldrige

Baldrige 25th Anniversary - NIST

Baldrige 25th Anniversary - NIST

In honor of the 25th anniversary of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, we’ve pulled 25 questions from the Criteria that we think most people would like to know about their company.  Would you like your organization to answer some of these questions?  Has your company considered applying for the Baldrige Award, or even implementing the Criteria?  If not, consider the 10 Steps to World Class.

  1. What are the key elements that engage your workforce in accomplishing your mission and vision?

  2. How do senior leaders create a workforce culture that delivers a consistently positive customer experience and fosters customer engagement?
  3. How do senior leaders include a focus on creating and balancing value for customers and other stakeholders in their organizational performance expectations?
  4. How do you evaluate the performance of your senior leaders, including the chief executive?

  5. How do you address any adverse impacts on society of your products and operations?
  6. How does your organization promote and ensure ethical behavior in all interactions?

  7. How do you consider societal well-being and benefit as part of your strategy and daily operations?
  8. How does your organization conduct its strategic planning?
  9. How do you ensure that financial and other resources are available to support the accomplishment of your action plans, while meeting current obligations?
  10. How do you develop your action plans?
  11. How do you follow up with customers on the quality of products, customer support, and transactions to receive immediate and actionable feedback?

  12. How do you obtain information on your customers’ satisfaction relative to the satisfaction levels of customers of other organizations providing similar products or to industry benchmarks, as appropriate?
  13. How do you determine customer dissatisfaction?

  14. How do you identify and innovate product offerings to enter new markets, to attract new customers, and to provide opportunities for expanding relationships with existing customers, as appropriate?
  15. What are your key organizational performance measures, including key short-term and longer-term financial measures?
  16. How do you ensure that your performance measurement system is able to respond to rapid or unexpected organizational or external changes?
  17. How do you use performance review findings to share lessons learned and best practices across organizational units and work processes?
  18. How do you use organizational performance review findings to develop priorities for continuous improvement and opportunities for innovation?

  19. How do you prepare your workforce for changing capability and capacity needs?
  20. How do you build an effective and supportive workforce environment?

  21. How do you engage your workforce to achieve organizational and personal success?
  22. How do you design, manage, and improve your work systems?
  23. What are the key requirements for the work systems of your customers, suppliers, partners, and collaborators?
  24. How do you improve your work processes to achieve better performance, reduce variability, and improve products?
  25. How do your current levels and trends of key measures or indicators of product and process performance that are important to and directly service your customers compare to the performance of your competitors?

    President Reagan with 1988 Baldrige Recipients
    President Reagan with 1988 Baldrige Recipients

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