Sunday, February 16, 2020

Introducing the CAPE Explorer Recognition!

Introducing the CAPE Explorer Recognition!


California Awards for Performance Excellence
A Baldrige Framework Category-Based Application

The California Council for Excellence (CCE) is proud to announce the addition of the Explorer Recognition to its esteemed roster of Baldrige-based Awards and Recognitions offered by the California Awards for Performance Excellence(CAPE).
The Explorer Recognition will offer organizations at all stages of their performance excellence journey to submit an application responding to a single Category of the Baldrige Framework. These areas include:

Category One: Leadership
How do your Senior Leaders' actions guide and sustain your organization? How do you govern your organization and fulfill your societal responsibility?

Category 2: Strategy
How does your organization develop its strategic objectives and action plans, implement them, change them as needed, and measure progress? 
Category 3: Customers
How do you engage your customers for long-term marketplace success, listen to the voice of the customer, serve and exceed customers' expectations, and build customer relationships?

Category 4: Measurement, Analysis and Knowledge Management
The system foundation is critical to effective management and to a fact-based, knowledge-driven, agile system for improving performance and effectiveness.

Category 5: Workforce
How do you assess workforce capability and capacity needs and build an environment conducive to high performance? How to you engage, manage and develop your workforce to utilize your full potential in alignment with your organization's overall business needs?

Category 6: Operations
How do you design, manage, improve and innovate products and work processes and improve operational effectiveness to deliver customer value and achieve ongoing organizational success?
The Explorer Recognition allows organizations the flexibility to create their own Baldrige journey. Some benefits of the Explorer Recognition include:
Diagnostic Evaluation
Use the category-based award to identify opportunities for improvement in work areas that are under-performing
Best Practice Identification
Take advantage of examiners from outside your workplace, and even your industry, to validate that your organization has best practice performance

Building Blocks to Excellence
Using the same Baldrige Framework that is used in the full, 50-page Eureka Award submission, this process enables your organization to build an application over time...just in incremental steps. Consider it a stepping stone towards a 50-page application while also benefitting from Examiner feedback along the way.

Develop a Systems Perspective
Customize how your organization begins its performance excellence journey by selecting from any one or up to three categories of the Baldrige Framework and receive feedback that can be used to further align your organization's approach towards a mature systems perspective. This feedback will encourage your organization to further refine and improve not only its actual processes, but its application for future submissions.
Increase Employee Engagement
The Explorer Recognition allows your workforce to be acknowledged for their hard work. From being a part of the application writing process to receiving the recognition on stage at our annual conference, employees will take pride in their part of your organization's excellence journey.

Organizational Learning
You will receive an objective, non-prescriptive feedback report detailing your organization's strengths and opportunities for improvement. These reports are often used in an organization's strategic planning to focus on improving results and energizing improvement efforts.

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